Got Yoga?

Stumptown Yoga* wants you to have it.

A labor of love and a work in progress, Stumptown Yoga is dedicated to bringing the myriad benefits of yoga to all. The studio is family-friendly, locally-owned, and centrally-located in southeast Portland, near the intersection of 39th & Powell Avenues.

Stumptown Yoga wants to be your neighborhood yoga joint, offering affordable, accessible, and intimate classes with lots of personal attention from our instructors. We are not a yoga mill and believe that limited class size and individualized, hands-on attention is the best route to learning yoga and getting all the benefits of a consistent yoga practice. We also don't nickle-and-dime you by charging for the use of our yoga mats. Small classes allow us to focus on everyone's posture and alignment, ensuring you maximize your results and reduce your chance of injury.

Try an intro class if you're curious; develop a consistent & continuing practice in a level 1-2 class; bring your kid to a class that is designed just for them; learn to fly in acro yoga; or get a sweaty overall workout in one of our level 2-3 classes. Check out our current schedule, and keep coming back for new classes and workshops in the future.

Our office and retail section were just completed, and we plan eventually to also have a massage therapist on staff.

Yoga made simple. Yoga made fun. Yoga made affordable.

*For those who may not know, Portland garnered the nickname "Stumptown" after 1847, when the city's rapid growth required previously forested land be cleared as quickly as possible. The woods were clearcut to accommodate the construction of the city, but the stumps were not immediately removed. They remained for so long (especially in the southest section of the town) that the locals even painted them and utilized them to cross the street without sinking into the mud. The moniker serves both as a geo-histroical reference and evokes the utlitarian and hardy nature of Portlanders.

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